Paediatric imaging

Paediatric Imaging

Paediatric imaging is offered at Adelaide East MRI.

We provide a comprehensive and child-friendly environment at our Payneham practice. Paediatric imaging is a subspecialty of diagnostic radiology focussed on children, from babies through to young adults. Our radiologist is qualified with a Paediatric Imaging Fellowship and has extensive experience working with children. We take all measures to ensure testing is safe and carried out properly including assessment for MRI readiness. The use of imaging techniques with children can prevent the need for exploratory surgery.

General Practitioners can refer patients under 16 years for Medicare eligible MRI including: · MRI Head (for unexplained headache, seizure, or non-responsive sinus disease), MRI Spine (any region, for significant trauma or pathology suspected with unexplained pain), MRI Hip (for suspected septic arthritis, slipped capital femoral epiphysis or Pethes’ disease), MRI Elbow (for suspected fracture or avulsion injury), MRI Knee (for internal joint derangement), and MRI Wrist (for suspected scaphoid fracture).

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