Whole Body MRI Imaging

Whole Body MRI Scan

A ground-breaking global study has shown that whole-body MRI screenings can identify previously undetected tumours in people deemed high-risk.

Dr Mandy Ballinger, lead researcher at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, reported that seven per cent of people who were screened picked up a new primary cancer that hadn’t been known about before. “The findings are very significant,” she said. “This is the best evidence that we have so far that we can use whole-body MRI in this high-risk cancer population to detect cancers at an early stage”. The study was centred on a hereditary condition known as Li-Fraumeni syndrome. The disease is caused by a genetic mutation that affects one in 2,500 people. Dr Ballinger noted that these patients are more susceptible to cancers anywhere in the body and that by the time people reach the age of 30, there is a 50% chance that they will have had a cancer by that age, whereas, by the time they get to age 70, it’s almost 100% chance of developing cancer for females, and it’s over 80% for males.

Who should have whole body MRI?

Anyone with specific concerns about cancer or heart disease or general health concerns that do not have symptoms. If you have symptoms, please talk to your GP.

In general, screening is useful where some improvement in your health outcomes will be achieved by early detection.

You can select up to 4 areas to scan at one visit of 1 hour duration, with each area taking from 15-30 mins. It is advisable to select the areas that are within a category, for example, Brain: Dementia, MS, CVA and CV.


  • Brain Dementia Screening 1
  • Brain Multiple Sclerosis (MS) screening 1
  • Brain Sinuses Screening 1
  • Brain Pituitary Screening 1
  • Brain Vascular(CVA) Screening 1
  • Brain Cardio-Vascular Screening 1
  • Brain Tinnitus Screening 1


  • Cervical Vascular Screening 1
  • Neck Soft tissue Screening 1


  • Cervical Spine screening 2
  • Thoracic Spine Screening 2
  • Lumbar Spine Screening 1
  • Sacro-coccygeal Screening 1


  • Chest CT for lung cancer1
  • Chest Wall/Axilla Screening 1
  • Breast Cancer Screening 2
  • Breast Silicon Screening 2
  • Breast Ultrasound Screening 1


  • Abdomen Adrenal Screening 2
  • Abdomen Liver Screening 2
  • Abdomen Kidney Screening 2
  • Abdomen Pancreas Screening 2
  • Abdomen Vascular Screening 2


  • Pelvis Prostate Screening 2
  • Pelvis Testes Screening 2
  • Pelvis/Hips OA Screening 2
  • Pelvis Congestion Screening 2
  • Pelvis Ovary Screening 2
  • Pelvis Uterus Screening 2

Is it covered by Medicare?
Whole-body MRI is not eligible for a Medicare rebate and will incur a $1000 fee. You can pay over the phone when you make your booking, or pay when you arrive for your scan.

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