X-ray is offered at all our practices.

X-ray, also known as a computed radiograph, digital radiograph or radiograph, is a diagnostic imaging technique where low levels of X-ray radiation produced by a shielded X-ray tube pass through the body. A detector or film is positioned on the far side of the body. The X-ray image created by the detector shows some internal structures very well, including: bones, stones, and body parts containing air such as the lung and bowel. X-rays are often used to look for problems in the bones, joints and chest.

X-ray Preparation

Bring your request form, Medicare card and all previous X-rays, scans, reports or films every time you visit us.

Most X-ray examinations do not require any preparation. You will be told what is needed at the time of making your appointment. You are welcome to ask questions regarding your examination.

About Your X-ray Examination

A typical x-ray examination takes 15-20 minutes. Your name and date of birth will be checked prior to your examination. You will be escorted to the x-ray room. You will then be asked either to lie down on a bed or sit. The radiographer (medical imaging technologist) will explain the examination procedure to you before acquiring the necessary images. You will be positioned to obtain the correct images on the X-ray plate, which is then scanned into a computer image for reporting and printing.

During the examination, you will not be aware of any discomfort. The radiographer specialises in acquiring the images and the images are interpreted and reported by the radiologist. You will sign a bulk bill Medicare form once the examination has been completed.

X-ray Risk

Your doctor/referring practitioner has decided that the medical benefit to you is much greater than any risk posed by exposure to diagnostic x-rays.

If you are pregnant, you must let our staff know before the examination. See the link below to calculate the dose and estimated cancer risk from studies including CT scans, X-rays, nuclear scans and interventional procedures.

X-ray costs

Imaging excellence and affordability are the cornerstones of our business. To meet this commitment, we BULK BILL all Medicare eligible x-ray scans. Bulk billing means no gap payment and no large, unexpected out of pocket expense. Please check if your scan is eligible when booking. Medicare guidelines are very specific about which examinations are covered under the Medicare schedule.

It’s your choice where you have your Scan or X-ray. Call us with any practice’s Imaging request form for an appointment. If your doctor has requested an X-ray or scan, you can use our request form at any radiology practice.

Sometimes your doctor may require traditional large-format plastic images. If this is the case, let us know and we will print plastic images for you – a surcharge applies for these copies.

X-ray Results

One of our experienced radiologists will interpret and report on the radiographic images. The results will be sent to your doctor or referring practitioner. As the images are digital they will also be kept on our computer system for future reference; electronic media and a secure link to your images on our on-line image server will also be sent to your doctor/referring practitioner. You should always discuss the results of the examination with your doctor/referring practitioner.

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